3 movies to watch with your kids

Whether or not your children are big TV or movie fans we have put together a great definitive list of movies you should watch with your children today. Trust us, we promise you they will love them and you will love them just as much too.


If you have somehow missed the revolution that was frozen then you need to get this movie to watch as soon as possible. Frozen is a digital animation Disney film inspired by the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. The story tells the story of a princess who sets out to find her estranged system whose ice powers have kept her trapped in a kingdom where it is eternally winter. The music alone to this movie is beautiful and we can guarantee you will have the song in your head for days. Children all over absolutely love this film and if you have not yet got round to it then watch this with your children today.

Toy Story

This series of films could not be more fun for children and adults alike. Whether you have children or your own or if you are just looking to watch a couple of feel good movies then you cannot go wrong with Toy Story. The original film of the Toy Story franchise was a big deal as it was first feature length movie produced by Pixar. Toy Story is a fun story, where a boys (Andy) toys pretend to be still and lifeless whenever the humans are around but when alone come to life and go on some exciting and somewhat hairy adventures. The franchise follows through Andy’s childhood. Both you are your children will love spending time with cowboy Woody, astronaut action figure Bizz Lightyear along with the rest of Andy’s toys.

The Lion King

If you are looking for some old school Disney you cannot go wrong with The Lion King and takes place within a pride of lions in Africa. It is also noted that it was inspired by the William Shakespeare play Hamlet. King Mufasa’s newborn son Simba is presented to the animals of the animal kingdom from pride rock in Africa. Mufasa’s younger brother scar wants the throne and tries to elimate both Mufasa and the next in line to the throne, Simba. Watch the battle unfold between good and evil.

3 movies to watch with your kids Image by dbreen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)