5 Amazon original series you should put on your watch list today

If you are off a certain age it is amazing to look back and remember a time where we did not have everything we have today. The dawn of streaming, with streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix mean we have TV on demand, we can watch we like when we like and there are little limits. From a generation that saw this evolve it is still amazing. Just imagine, children growing up today will have no idea of anything else than this, and I also wonder where we will be 20 years from now. With streaming in mind it leads us nicely onto todays topic, what you need to put on your Amazon watch list. With streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon big in the industry these days we are going to take a look at Amazon original series’ you need to put on your watch list today.

Hand of God

Hand of God is an Amazon original series and is a dark drama about a judge who is experiencing hallucinations which could also be described as prophetic visions. Although you must be warned, some scenes may disturb some audiences so if you are easily affected you might want to skip past this one.

Alpha House

Alpha House is another Amazon original series and follows members of the US Senate throughout election season. You will enjoy the comedy element to Alpha House where things generally end up in a right old mess.

Mozart in the Jungle

Rodrigo, the leader of a world-renowned orchestra is known for pushing his musicians beyond their abilities. Part drama, part sitcome, Mozart in the Jungle is already a favorite amongst audiences.


The patriarch of a dysfunctional modern family is hiding a secret, she identifies as a woman and the show will follow this reveal to her family and how her wife and adult children react to this news. With turmoil in their own lives too this is a fascinating look into these circumstances and do not worry, it comes with more than a pinch of humor too. Transparent is an Amazon original series and the development of the story line brings sensitivity, humor and elegance. The show is also topical with gender transition being more widely discussed.

The Man in the High Castle

Probably the biggest and most well-known of the new Amazon original series, The Man in the High Castle is a mixture of sci0fi and thriller, combined with a little something just for anyone who has an open mind about History. Set in a time where the Nazi’s defeated the allies in WWII life as we know it is completely different. The show itself is based on a novel by Phillip K. Dick and follows a group of people doing their best to survive the new regime.

5 Amazon original series you should put on your watch list today Image by tookapic is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)