5 best movies you'll want to watch with your friends

When it comes to watching movies with your friends there are so many out there to watch. We have put together our ultimate list of movies that will make you laugh, make you cry and everything in between. So let us get started, read below for our top picks on movies you definitely need to get your friends together to watch.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

If you are looking for comedy with a splice of romance, then look no further. Watch Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaghy fall in love in the most hilarious of circumstances. This one will definitely have you laughing but you will ultimately be rooting for these two all the way through this movie.

What happens in Vegas

Meet Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, whose characters meet in Vegas both on random trips, and in a moment of madness get married. What ensues is a hilarious comedy of how they navigate married life, mostly unsuccessfully. This is a romantic comedy which you will want to watch time and time again.

Meet the Parents

This movie is absolutely hilarious, as you meet a couple on their way to tell her parents about their new engagement. What follows is a catalogue of errors on his part all while trying to impress his new in-laws. You will honestly laugh until you cry. Plus if you are really feeling like a Meet the Parents movie marathon then you might want to move onto Meet the Fockers, the second part in this movie series.

Legally Blonde

If you are getting the girls together for a night of pampering then we have the perfect movie for you. Join Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde and watch this ultimate show of girl power. When Elle gets rejected by her boyfriend because she’s not smart enough she decides to show him who Elle Woods really is and applies for Harvard Law School and changes her life. In trying to win back her now ex-boyfriend Elle finds a world she loves along with some really great people too.

Notting Hill

Big movie star, played by Julia Roberts, meets ordinary man and bookstore owner Hugh Grant based in Notting Hill in London. Theirs is a love that seems destined to fail but through circumstance they kept being drawn back together. This is a heart-warming story that will make you feel good and is the perfect movie to watch while you hang out with your friends.

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