Dreamy chick flicks to start re-watching today

Ladies and gents, no matter who you are there is no denying that a great chick flick really can get you right where it hurts. From dreamy love stories to real feel good films, what has become known as the chick flick is enjoyed by both men and women alike. Today we are going to run through some of our favourite chick flicks which you absolutely have to start re-watching today.

The Notebook:

The Notebook has to be the ultimate tear jerker of all time and without giving away too much of the plot, because you really have to watch this one to really grab its full effect, but you follow Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) through their beautiful summer romance and beyond. Be prepared to laugh and cry, and cry you will. This is a beautiful love story to watch time and time again.

The Bodyguard:

Whitney Houston’s classic movie, The Bodyguard, is more than a household name. Also starring Kevin Costner starring as a former secret service agent who is hired to protect Whitney Houston’s character, who is a music star, from a stalker. Follow them as their love develops until at the end of the movie where Costner’s character has to make a decision which will impact them both. Plus, you get to hear Whitney Houston belt out her amazing rendition of I will always love you.

Sweet Home Alabama:

Now this is a film that does not usually make lists such as this but personally we think this is a great love story that you will find pulls at your heart strings. Set in the deep south, friends since childhood, Melanie and Jake a reunited as adults where you find out they were married straight out of high school. Melanie has set up a new life since, living in New York City working as fashion designer and is engaged to Andrew. When Melanie returns to Alabama to divorce Jake it stirs up a lot of feelings from the past for her. Despite being engaged to Andrew, a politician based in New York City where Melanie now lives, having Jake back in her life changes her perspective. Maybe she has not moved on and moved passed Jake and their past as much as she thinks she has. This is the perfect story of love, friendship and proving that you can have roots and wings. Will Melanie choose Jake or Andrew?

Dreamy chick flicks to start re-watching today Image by Annca is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)